Harmonized Hospital Client Experience Survey

This survey will serve as a basis to help us to improve our services for you to have a better experience in the facility because you are important to us. Any comments or suggestions you provide through this survey will be highly-appreciated and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Personal Information
Control No.: HCES-2024-02-18282
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Citizen's Charter

The Citizen’s Charter (CC) is an official document that reflects the services of a government agency/office including its requirements, fees, and processing times among others.

How would you rate our service? Tick your appropriate rating for each item being evaluated.
A. Infrastructures and Process
1. The waiting areas were clean, orderly, and comfortable.
2. The toilets and bathrooms inside the facility were kept clean, orderly and with a steady water supply.
3. The office is neat/clean and orderly.
3. The patients’ rooms were kept clean, tidy, and comfortable.
4. The steps (including payment) I needed to do for my transaction were easy and simple.
5. The office followed the transaction’s requirements and steps based on the information provided.
6. I easily found information about my transaction from the office or its website.
7. I spent a reasonable amount of time for my transaction.
B. Client Engagement and Empowerment
8. The medical condition, procedures and instructions were discussed clearly.
8. The procedures and instructions for our transaction were discussed clearly.
9. Our sentiments, cultural background, and beliefs were heard and considered in the treatment procedure.
9. Our sentiments, cultural background, and beliefs were heard and considered during our transaction.
10. We were given the chance to decide which treatment procedure shall be performed.
10. We were given the chance to decide on matters that needs our consent/opinion.
11. I got what I needed from the hospital, or (if denied) denial of request was sufficiently explained to me.
12. I paid a reasonable amount of fees for my transaction.
***If service was free, mark the ‘N/A’ column)
C. Culture of Responsiveness
13. I was treated courteously by the staff, and (if asked for help) the staff was helpful.
***NOTE: Tick on Not Applicable if you did not interact with the staff
Radiology Staff
Pharmacy Staff
Laboratory Staff
Admitting Staff
Medical Records
Social Worker
Food Server
Office Staff
Janitors / Orderly
I was treated fairly, or “walang palakasan”, during my transaction.
***If online: I am confident my online transaction was secure.
I am satisfied with the service that I availed.